Stefan Steigerwald Steampunk Bronze-Electra Steigerwald Knives
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Stefan Steigerwald Steampunk Bronze-Electra

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Steigerwald Knives Germany
This item is not a cold steel weapon.


Stefan Steigerwald is a Bavarian knife maker who creates custom steampunk knives. His knives are not just stylized stuff but unique pearls of art with acting mechanics. Exclusiveness of its products is not only in the incredible engineering and design solutions, but also that the author uses only manual labor in the manufacture of each product.

Model Steampunk Bronze-Electra is another masterpiece of the German master, which we bring to your attention. The harpoon blade is made of the author's damascus by Jory Heckel. Movable handle is longer in the folded state than in the unfolded one. Stefan used a large number of small parts and mechanisms of bronze and titanium were used while designing the handle. The right side of the handle is decorated with an open clock mechanism, an indicator of LEDs, which lights up if the mercury inside the sealed bulb closes the contact. On the left side there is an impressively working mechanism of shifting / sliding of the handle, which is identical to the mechanism of the wheels of the locomotive. When you open the knife, several gears activate the piston and counter-crank.

Bizarre design and, of course, the author's engineering refinements will not allow any connoisseur of steampunk universes to remain indifferent at the sight of this stunning knife.

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