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Stefan Steigerwald P08

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Steigerwald Knives Germany
This item is not a cold steel weapon.


Сustom knife by Stefan Steigerwald P08 is based on the legendary German pistol Luger P08, also known as Luger Pistol Parabellum. This model is one of the most iconic and replicated among the pistols of the first half of the XXth century. Steigerwald Knives P08 is stylized for was in operation 

It is almost impossible to find Steigerwald's knives in free sale. German knife maker makes no more than several copies a year. Steigerwald's knives is a real pearl for collectors of custom knives by virtue of their minimum number. Using CNC in the manufacturing process to make some individual parts is a rara avis. Even the most complex parts and mechanisms He prefers to make manually even the most complicated parts and mechanisms. 

Knives of model P08 made only 3. Purchase this blade is possible only in Maria Stalina's online-shop, cause the author will not repeat this work in the future. 

The main feature of the knife is the mechanism of opening the lock. It repeats the crank mechanism of the Luger P08 pistol. Stefan Steigerwald calls it "Glide-lock". 

Price: 4200 USD
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