Steigerwald Knives Assist-Br Prototype Steigerwald Knives
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Steigerwald Knives Assist-Br Prototype

Buy custom collectible knife Steigerwald Knives Assist-Br Prototype in Maria Stalina Knives
218 мм
Длина клинка/Blade length
93 мм
280 г
Толщина в обухе/Thickness in the forehead
4,7 мм
Материал клинка/Blade Material
Damascus by Jöry Heckel
Отделка рукояти/Handle Finish
Bronze Aged
Материал рукояти/Material of the handle
Bronze, D2, Titanium
Anodized Titanium
Steigerwald Knives Germany
This item is not a cold steel weapon.


Amazing item by German knife maker Stefan Steigerwald, who continues to make knives in extremely unusual style “steampunk”. Assist-Ti Bronze is able to surprise any connoisseur of knife business with its non-standard design and materials used by the author in manufacturing process. In this knife engineering refinements are an integral part of the design composition, which makes it unique. Using of bronze and bronze anodized titanium fits perfectly into the concept of the author. In this blade every detail is a mini-reference to the whole steam-punk universe. Knife collectors who are interested in this direction of fantasy will be completely delighted! Such style of knives is a business card of Steigerwald. Each knife from the line of steampunk has its own unique character. The peculiarity of the model is the author's castle. A convenient toggle located on the handle turns the familiar folder into semi-assist.

Status: Maria Stalina's collection
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