Steigerwald Knives Assist-Ti Prototype Steigerwald Knives
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Steigerwald Knives Assist-Ti Prototype

Buy custom folding steam-punk knife Steigerwald Knives Assist-Ti Prototype Germany in Maria Stalina Knives
216 мм
Длина клинка/Blade length
92 мм
170 г
Толщина в обухе/Thickness in the forehead
3,1 мм
Материал клинка/Blade Material
Tradition Damascus
Отделка рукояти/Handle Finish
Anodized Titanium
Материал рукояти/Material of the handle
Titanium, D2
Anodized Titanium
Тип замка/Type of lock
Liner Lock
Steigerwald Knives Germany
This item is not a cold steel weapon.


 Another masterpiece by famous German knife maker Stefan Steigerwald. The Assist-Ti model is a continuation of the steam-punk line. In this prototype the practicality inherent in German culture is successfully combined with the author's amazing idea.  Uncommon design is able to interest almost every fan of knives. So stylish specimens are very rare. Details of blue anodized titanium that located on the handle of bronze anodized titanium, miniature clip, wavy damask pattern, harpoon-shaped blade and similar in form completion of handle can cause in owner’s soul some association with marine themes. The large enough dimensions of the knife do not interfere with its comfortable daily wear. The shape and color scheme allows Assist-Ti to look good against the backdrop of knives with a classic design. The peculiarity of the model is the author's Steigerwald lock. Using the toggle switch on the handle the classic folder turns into a convenient semi-assist. In the kit to the knife there is a convenient storage case, author's stand for installations and also unique screwdrivers for the screws created personally by Stefan Steigerwald.

Price: 3510 USD
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