Tony Karlsson Gentical


I bring to your attention a knife of modern Arctic design in which Scandinavian knife traditions, modern tendencies of a tactical knifes, unsurpassed Swedish quality and premium materials have merged. This masterpiece was created by our personal order from the author.

225 мм
Длина клинка/Blade length
95 мм
280 г
Толщина в обухе/Thickness in the forehead
4,1 мм
Материал клинка/Blade Material
Damascus by Vladic Daniluk
Материал рукояти/Material of the handle
Damascus by Vladic Daniluk
Gold anodized
Тип замка/Type of lock
Liner Lock
Karlsson Knives Sweden
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Swedish damascus with Russian roots!

Blade and bolster of knife are made of mosaic damask steel by Vladik Danilyuk. Vladik is our compatriot, who now lives and works in Sweden. The business of his life and passion in which he embodies his talent is manufacturing of unique Damascus steel and knives.

Caution, Mammoths!

The lining of the handle of knife is made of mammoth tusk which has a unique pattern and natural color.

Small pieces creates Beauty

The gold anodizing of the liners, Damascus steel backspacer and the first time Tony lightweight clip makes the knife special one.

Swedish author Tony Karlsson

Hello, my name is Tony Carlson, I live in a small village called Agunnaryd located in southern Sweden. In 1997 when my acquaintance went through the knife manufacturing courses, he showed me the result, and I was very impressed that I had to try. Now after 16 years of practice and a lot of knives, I understand that there is no limit to perfection and this is one of the great moments in creating knives.


I make different types of knives and do everything myself, except forging and engraving. I prefer to work with high-quality materials such as the fossilized mammoth bones, walrus, silver and gold, mosaic damascus steel from leading blacksmiths such as Daniluk, Ponzio and Styrefors.

Must-have a gentleman

Today, the knife is not only a useful handicraft that is always at hand, but also an element of style that has become an integral accessory of a gentleman, emphasizing the taste and status of the person who owns them.

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