Sergio Consoli Golden Crusaders


Pay attention to the knife of my friend, Italian knife maker Sergio Consoli. This is a masterpiece from the Fine Art Knives (so-called "knives of high art").

The knife was presented at the Milan Show 2015, from where he came to our store.

222 мм
Длина клинка/Blade length
95 мм
274 г
Толщина в обухе/Thickness in the forehead
4 мм
Отделка клинка/Finishing the blade
Satin, Edge Mirror Polished, 1 мм
Материал клинка/Blade Material
Отделка рукояти/Handle Finish
Engraving Elena Bosio
Материал рукояти/Material of the handle
Stainless Steel
Тип замка/Type of lock
Liner Lock
Sergio Consoli Italy
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
It is heavy

This is a fairly solid specimen weighing 274 grams. The lining on the handle is made of stainless steel covered with engraving. Liners are polished to a mirror finish.

Patented axial assembly

There is a patented ball bearing rotational system in the axial assembly. It is developed personally by the author. This system provides an impeccable flip with unsurpassed softness. And the familiar already become a classic system of opening / locking the liner lock.

Italian knife and Swedish powder steel

One of the best European powder steels - RWL34 from the Swedish company Damasteel AB  is used on the blade. Shaped Blade - Recurved Blade, satin by hand the author and looks extremely impressive. Special chic gives him a mirror polished cutting edge.

Golden Crusaders

On the lining of the handle and backspace jeweled quality engraving with a golden patchwork, performed by the Italian wizard Elena Bosio.

Absolute luxury work performed with precision and refinement of jewelry, combines the functionality of a tactical knife for daily use and an elegant accessory of a gentleman.

Italian wizard Sergio Consoli

Member of the Italian Knife Guild with a Master degree.


"... All my knives are completely hand-made, I use countless tools, fixtures and a stove to heat blades.


I prefer folding knives, which most fully correspond to my desire to create mechanical objects - perfect in all aspects, even in interior details that you do not see ... "


Sergio Consoles Milan Show 2015

Must-have a gentleman

Today, the knife is not only a useful handicraft that is always at hand, but also an element of style that has become an integral accessory of a gentleman, emphasizing the taste and status of the person who owns them.

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