Allen Elishewitz Black Dolphin Elishewitz Custom Knives
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Allen Elishewitz Black Dolphin

Buy custom folding knife Allen Elishewitz Black Dolphin in Maria Stalina Knives
215 мм
177 г
Длина клинка/Blade length
95 мм
Толщина в обухе/Thickness in the forehead
4,1 мм
Материал клинка/Blade Material
Материал рукояти/Material of the handle
Black Pearl Carbon Fiber
Stainless Steel and Blue Anodized Titanium Ball
Тип замка/Type of lock
Liner Lock
Blue Anodized Titanium
Elishewitz Custom Knives USA
Black Dolphin
This item is not a cold steel weapon.


Black Dolphin is a new model of American knife maker Allen Elishevits brought to St. Petersburg straight from the 27th Paris exhibition - SICAC Paris Knife Show. While collectors all over the world are lining up to purchase a flipper from Elishewitz Custom Knives connoisseurs of author“s knives in Russia can now buy "Black Dolphin" in Maria Stalina Knives.

In process of creating a knife the master used materials and design techniques that emphasize the exclusivity of Black Dolphin. Attracting attention bogsters made of thymuscus give the knife a unique personality. The lining on the handle is made of fashionable material - Black Pearl Carbon Fiber. The liners and the corporate ball on the clip are made of anodized titanium, a material of a noble blue hue. A rotating ball, one of the master's chips, makes it easier to remove the knife from your pocket. The main feature of the flipper was the unusual geometry of the blade.

The author's knife Black Dolphin is perfect as a gift. He is able to charm both an enthusiastic person and someone who is just beginning to be interested in collectibles.


Price: 2120 USD
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