Katana Kanesada
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Katana Kanesada

Japanese Samurai sword Katana Kanesada in the online store of Maria Stalin, price on request.
This item is not a cold steel weapon.



Sword History:


The armory work performed by the blacksmith of Kanesada in about the 60s of the 17th century. The sword has a form inherent in this particular period of time. The blade demonstrates remarkable "woody" forging and skillful "direct" hardening. Good condition and safety.


Blacksmiths of Kanesada took up the forging of weapons in the province of Mino even in the period of "Old Swords" (until 1596). Then the land of Mino and Bidzen were the main weapons centers of medieval Japan, and the blades produced there were in high demand among the samurai.


The signature from two hieroglyphs "Kanesada" refers to the blacksmith school "Hatia Kanesada", whose representatives were engaged in forging and during the "New Swords" (1596 - 1781).


The sword is accompanied by a high-quality antique artistic frame made in the style of Higo of the Edo times (1603 - 1867) with distinctive features in the form of iron details richly decorated with gold "woven" inlaid with gold (kin-nunome-dzogan). Sheath Koshirae completely covered with varnish in golden crumb (kin-nakadzi) and painted with gold in the technique of maki-e flowers of the imperial Pavlonia. Inlaid with mother of pearl.

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